4 Ways to Make a Difference with Your Music



A voice and a stage are an artist’s tools to help others.

  • Sing in benefits whenever you have a chance
  • ask other artists to join you for benefit shows
  • encourage musical gifts in young children
  • be the one one who gives that “first guitar”


This weekend Eli sang for a festival in a small town of Mulberry, Florida, to help a young man raise funds for his medical care.

Eli Mosley is quick to say “yes!” to sing for local and National causes. He is especially drawn to children’s health causes and military veterans.

Eli has performed for

  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital Fundraisers
  • Kidspack Meal events
  • SPCA Animal Shelter
  • Polk County Fire Benefit
  • Toys fot Tots
  • “BubbaFest” fundraiser for a young man with MS.
  • A Christian ranch for horse therapy for Autistic teenagers event

Country Music Mama’s Heart

Eli has had a guitar in his hands since about 6 yrs. old. He suffered from epilepsy until a brain surgery at age 8.  He was always grateful for the care given to him. Eli has a heart for kids who are suffering medical problems. You’ll see him go out of his way to make people in wheelchairs and  with mental problems feel special at his shows. He’s “playing it back”.





God Bless Country Radio!

Eli’s on the Radio!

We rushed out to the truck to hear our son’s first song come on the radio. There it was- coming on the radio screen- Eli Mosley- “Man and His Wife”-Feb. 2015- WLKF Lakeland, Florida. We still do that every time a new song comes on!  Even though his music is now on regular playing lists for 27 radio stations throughout the South.

You know how that feels! Your son’s first time at bat, your daughters’ first dance recital, the lead lines in a school play, -any public performance that you’ve put your heart into- butterflies!

Country Music Mamas- please share with us your story of the first time you heard your son or daughter on the radio!

Eli just returned home from a Texas tour of small radio stations and venues to play. He’s no stranger to radio work as he interned with 97 Country in Lakeland , Florida and continued work there as an assistant sound engineer.

What does Country Radio do for us?

  • makes our work day seems lighter
  • makes miles fly by – especially with the “windows cranked down and the radio on”  and someone you enjoy to share the lyrics with,” sitting in a little white tank top”.
  • brings a whole “country” together- more than any sport!
  • let’s us express what we really can’t or shouldn’t in our real lives
  • shares real ups, downs, and stories

I’ve had the pleasure of being with Eli a few times when he visited radio stations for interviews and new song introductions. These stations are often in surprising places

  • old homes converted into a station
  • small storage sheds in fields
  • a corner store in a strip mall

What do they have in common? These guys and gals really know Country Music! They professionlly point out the details in production, lyrics, writing , marketing, etc… Don’t let the storage shed fool you!

They are some of the most welcoming and encouraging people I’ve ever met! Thank you everybody for making our days and nights flow with music!

Country Music Mamas’ Encouragement Corner

Confidence is key when meeting new people and promoting what you do. When you’ve created something that’s a quality product-as far as your ability allows at the time- it’s easier to be confident.

Confidence falters when we start comparing what we’re doing as a newbie in our work to a pro of many years experience. Be honest about where you are and save the stress! Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, and your feet solidly on the ground where you are growing.


Country Music Mama.

Bonita Mosley




On The Road Again!

Racking Up the Miles for Country Music!

“This is the life!,” Eli Mosley says. He loves being on the road. Last weekend Eli and a couple band crew  members rolled into Rabun Gap, Georgia to sing at one of his favorite venues- 12 Spies Vineyard. 

Fans came from near and far to see and visit with Eli. Several fans drove more than 150 miles to attend this intimate concert at the winery. One couple came to stock up on Eli’s merchandise to complete their collection of Eli stuff! Thank you 12 Spies Vineyard Staff and fans for making this trip so much fun!

It’s a beautiful winery in  a valley with gorgeous views. If you’re ever in the area please stop in here to spend a delightful time. Incredible wine! Don’t forget to see the pipe organ wash basin in the men’s room!

Exciting News!!  It’s about Lipstick!

Eli  released his new single “Shades”!  Radio Directors all over the South called with congratulations on this exciting song that you girls will really love. It’s on rotation on stations all over! “You really knocked it out of the park!” one station manager told Eli when he reviewed “Shades”. You can find “Shades” on Spotify, Pandora, I Tunes, ReverbNation- all over the internet and on Facebook.com/elimosleymusic.


Country Music Mama’s Input

Eli’s Cd cover for “Shades” was my fourth music Cd cover art project. I also illustrate Cd covers for my brother, Mark Murdock, a progressive jazz artist in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to music art, I’ve recently completed illustrating my second children’s book for author, Carol Viner. 

Encouragement Corner

Creativity is about learning the skills of your craft. You have to put the miles on the tires, like Eli is doing now. Time has to be spent doing the grunt work, learning the scales, cords, music theory- composition, photo fundamentals, voice control.

I’m an artist. I heard a story that tells this lesson well.

When you see a Masterpiece of artwork from the Middle Ages, the incredible Vermeer’s, or Da Vinci’s- the beauty and skill that impresses us was actually the last thing painted. There were a “stable”of students working on the painting. The lesser skilled students roughed in the initial painting,over the Masters drawing, on the canvas. Then each layer was applied by a more skilled apprentice. Finally, the Master brought his special touches and finished the piece. It took decades of learning to become the Master!

“Whatever you can conceive, and believe, you can achieve”, Napoleon Hill. It’s not magic, its persistent effort and learning.

Encourage your children to keep at it, make it fun, enjoy the process and don’t worry about being great. The results will come in the right time. Fame before the foundation of hard work and purpose is seldom successful. It makes bright comets. Burn outs. No, you want stars, bright lights inspiring others.

Blessings, Bonita

Country Music Mama



One Way to Get From Here to There- Showcasing Your Talent


Hi! Welcome back! You’ve come to the backstage look at the making of a Country Music Artist from the ground up!

How does a rising artist get his band exposed to hundreds of venue deciders at once? Showcasing his talent!

Last week Eli Mosley and band  “showcased” for the Florida Fair Association convention in Orlando.  “Fair folks” were seeking talent for their events.

“I Got Friends in New Places!”

I walked into the banquet hall, stages were being set up and sound techs were busy connecting wires all over the stage. Then I saw her! A Country Music Mom!  I sat next to her and said, ” I bet you’re that guys’ Mom!”. She said “Hi, I’m Heidi Moon”, and  that tall, good looking young guy in the cowboy hat was her son, Cale Moon. He came to showcase. Heidi and her husband are Cale’s managers – just as my husband and I are for our son, Eli.

I watched as Heidi did exactly what I do to encourage her son. We’re just like sports Moms, on the bleachers, ready to help in any way we can, but trying to be invisible. Trying to be Mom without being a pain. Tonight Cale is having some pain issues and she’s concerned. Like a true professional, he muscles through it. Only Mom and Dad know what it’s taking him to do it. He’s paying his dues to rise to the top. This fair convention was Cale’s 14th this year.

I hope Heidi will give us some glimpses of life on the road in future blog posts. But here are some things I learned about them.

Their lifestyle is constant travel. Home is in Oregon. they drive from booking to booking in a motor home. Cale, 24, is homeschooled and a very talented self -taught artist.

An interesting fun fact- when Cale is performing with a band, he flies his musicians in from several different states for the gig. For an artist, it’s a big challenge to get your band with you for distant performances. Our band lives fairly close so they have been able to travel with Eli.

Meanwhile, back on the stage—

Eli and band showcased near the end of the roster.  They had 20 minutes to make these venues want to line up outside to sign them up. I was pretty nervous when our spot kept shifting further down and people started trickling out. When they finally hit the stage, the band did a great show that revived the audience and were very well received! 

I love stepping into worlds that are new to me. It was amazing to see these entertainment experts shopping for the rides, magic acts, food trucks, racing pigs, and entertainers. Many fairs put it all together at the convention. And they have classes and seminars to attend on subjects like ride safety, terrorism, advertising- and much more. It’s not all cotton candy and Ferris wheels!

This would’ve made a great home school trip! Unfortunately it was for association members only- or I should say the “fair family” – they really were like a big family gathering. A fun event for us. Now, my husband, Michael, who does booking for Eli, will make dozens of follow up calls and get some great places for the band to perform in the next year! See you there!

Blessing, Bonita

You can hear Eli Mosley’s  music on Spotify, Pandora, I Tunes, ReverbNation- and on his website