One Way to Get From Here to There- Showcasing Your Talent


Hi! Welcome back! You’ve come to the backstage look at the making of a Country Music Artist from the ground up!

How does a rising artist get his band exposed to hundreds of venue deciders at once? Showcasing his talent!

Last week Eli Mosley and band  “showcased” for the Florida Fair Association convention in Orlando.  “Fair folks” were seeking talent for their events.

“I Got Friends in New Places!”

I walked into the banquet hall, stages were being set up and sound techs were busy connecting wires all over the stage. Then I saw her! A Country Music Mom!  I sat next to her and said, ” I bet you’re that guys’ Mom!”. She said “Hi, I’m Heidi Moon”, and  that tall, good looking young guy in the cowboy hat was her son, Cale Moon. He came to showcase. Heidi and her husband are Cale’s managers – just as my husband and I are for our son, Eli.

I watched as Heidi did exactly what I do to encourage her son. We’re just like sports Moms, on the bleachers, ready to help in any way we can, but trying to be invisible. Trying to be Mom without being a pain. Tonight Cale is having some pain issues and she’s concerned. Like a true professional, he muscles through it. Only Mom and Dad know what it’s taking him to do it. He’s paying his dues to rise to the top. This fair convention was Cale’s 14th this year.

I hope Heidi will give us some glimpses of life on the road in future blog posts. But here are some things I learned about them.

Their lifestyle is constant travel. Home is in Oregon. they drive from booking to booking in a motor home. Cale, 24, is homeschooled and a very talented self -taught artist.

An interesting fun fact- when Cale is performing with a band, he flies his musicians in from several different states for the gig. For an artist, it’s a big challenge to get your band with you for distant performances. Our band lives fairly close so they have been able to travel with Eli.

Meanwhile, back on the stage—

Eli and band showcased near the end of the roster.  They had 20 minutes to make these venues want to line up outside to sign them up. I was pretty nervous when our spot kept shifting further down and people started trickling out. When they finally hit the stage, the band did a great show that revived the audience and were very well received! 

I love stepping into worlds that are new to me. It was amazing to see these entertainment experts shopping for the rides, magic acts, food trucks, racing pigs, and entertainers. Many fairs put it all together at the convention. And they have classes and seminars to attend on subjects like ride safety, terrorism, advertising- and much more. It’s not all cotton candy and Ferris wheels!

This would’ve made a great home school trip! Unfortunately it was for association members only- or I should say the “fair family” – they really were like a big family gathering. A fun event for us. Now, my husband, Michael, who does booking for Eli, will make dozens of follow up calls and get some great places for the band to perform in the next year! See you there!

Blessing, Bonita

You can hear Eli Mosley’s  music on Spotify, Pandora, I Tunes, ReverbNation- and on his website




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