God Bless Country Radio!

Eli’s on the Radio!

We rushed out to the truck to hear our son’s first song come on the radio. There it was- coming on the radio screen- Eli Mosley- “Man and His Wife”-Feb. 2015- WLKF Lakeland, Florida. We still do that every time a new song comes on!  Even though his music is now on regular playing lists for 27 radio stations throughout the South.

You know how that feels! Your son’s first time at bat, your daughters’ first dance recital, the lead lines in a school play, -any public performance that you’ve put your heart into- butterflies!

Country Music Mamas- please share with us your story of the first time you heard your son or daughter on the radio!

Eli just returned home from a Texas tour of small radio stations and venues to play. He’s no stranger to radio work as he interned with 97 Country in Lakeland , Florida and continued work there as an assistant sound engineer.

What does Country Radio do for us?

  • makes our work day seems lighter
  • makes miles fly by – especially with the “windows cranked down and the radio on”  and someone you enjoy to share the lyrics with,” sitting in a little white tank top”.
  • brings a whole “country” together- more than any sport!
  • let’s us express what we really can’t or shouldn’t in our real lives
  • shares real ups, downs, and stories

I’ve had the pleasure of being with Eli a few times when he visited radio stations for interviews and new song introductions. These stations are often in surprising places

  • old homes converted into a station
  • small storage sheds in fields
  • a corner store in a strip mall

What do they have in common? These guys and gals really know Country Music! They professionlly point out the details in production, lyrics, writing , marketing, etc… Don’t let the storage shed fool you!

They are some of the most welcoming and encouraging people I’ve ever met! Thank you everybody for making our days and nights flow with music!

Country Music Mamas’ Encouragement Corner

Confidence is key when meeting new people and promoting what you do. When you’ve created something that’s a quality product-as far as your ability allows at the time- it’s easier to be confident.

Confidence falters when we start comparing what we’re doing as a newbie in our work to a pro of many years experience. Be honest about where you are and save the stress! Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, and your feet solidly on the ground where you are growing.


Country Music Mama.

Bonita Mosley




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