How to Create a Mini-Country Music Festival

How to create a mini- Country Music Festival for your small town

Independence Day Festival

         The last vibrations of the guitars melted into the cheering crowd and the booms of the fireworks streaked into the darkness. Eli Mosley let the success of the Independence Day Country Music Festival spread across his face with a smile and a fist pump “YES!”

      Across America, small towns are already planning next years’ 4th of July celebrations. As a Country Music artist you have an opportunity to contribute your music to the event.

How did this event happen?

Last year Eli and his band joined the line-up of local entertainers on the small town Bartow, Florida bandshell stage. They found that they were basically background music for the crowd coming to see the fireworks. That’s when he got a vision of a much better musical offering to his hometown.

What was Eli’s vision?

  • Eli thinks quality. That’s what he wanted to bring to the 4th of July celebration. He saw a quality mini- country music concert.
  • to give Florida related artists a professional performance platform
  • To introduce young, upcoming artists to a new audience

What happened?

At the end of my post, I have created a gift for you. A detailed guide for anyone interested in creating a mini-country music festival. You can click on the selection there and follow the steps for a successful festival.

For now, let me describe how it all went.

  • Eli began planning this festival last year.
  • He worked with the Bartow committee to gain permission to alter the decades old traditions and insert a quality country music concert.
  • He lined up three young upcoming solo artists, ( Ayla Lynn (Coral Ridge) and Dylan Johnson (Wauchula)), Anna Lee(Lakeland), a Nashville recording duo- (Olivia Baker and Brian Emmons), talented Nashville songwriter and performer, Jay Taylor and band (Ft. Lonesome), and his own Eli Mosley and Band ( Mulberry).
  • He designed the bandshell stage ( thank you Sunshine Growers) and all the show details. (except the rain!)
  • The Reflect Sons Gospel group also performed.
  • A young boy received his first guitar as a gift from Eli and Carrolton’s Music Store!
  • Several hundred fans came to the bleachers and brought their lawn chairs to watch the show 3 hrs. before the fireworks stared.
  • Ayla Lynn and Eli Mosley had merchandise available for the fans.
  • Thank you  Superfan Rachel Aguilar for the delicious meal you provided for our artists!! Your barbecue is outstanding!
  • Thank you city of Bartow and the fantastic police officers providing security so we could enjoy this event in safety!
  • Thank you to the hundreds of fans who waited out the rain and enjoyed the performances despite the wetness! You’re the best!
  • From 5pm. until the fireworks were lit at 9:30pm., Bartow was treated to a top quality country music festival!
  • Thank you Debbie and Mike for the use of the motor coach to give relief from the heat to the band during the day!

 What was Country Music Mama’s involvement? 

  • When the bands came in they needed food, shelter and care! I teamed up with Eli to see that they had the comforts of home. One of the hits with the bands was a big pot of my Barbecue Stew! They liked it so much that I’m going to include a recipe for you here! It’s an easy recipe that feeds a crowd. Enjoy!
  • Country Music Mama’s Barbecue Soup Recipe! click below!
  • Barbecue Stew

I also got to know another Country music mom – and Dad. Ayla Lynn’s folks are her managers and we manned the merchandise table. Ayla will be heading to college to further her music career in a couple years- I promoted our Southeastern University where Eli earned his Music/ Business degree as one of the best choices out there! It’s a joy to me to get to know these amazing artists and parents.

What’s Next?

Next stop for Eli-July 21- South Carolina Peach Festival! Eli is the headliner- following in the footsteps of  past headliners-Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney!

Here is a detailed outline for those who want to put on a small town- music festival! 

How to Create a Country Music Festival

Please follow me and get more insight into the backstage life of a rising country music artist.

Eli Mosley:

Anna Lee:

Jay Taylor

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