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This blog is about the journey. Creating a life in the arts has unique ups and downs. Behind the lights, microphones, and stages are people facing challenges, heart breaks, set backs,  and enjoying the rewards unlike any other line of work. It’s a fun/complicated life ! I want to take you along with us as we build Eli Mosley Music. I invite Eli’s fans  and other “music moms” to follow along!

I intend to post once a week on this blog. Or as often as something interesting is going on!

Country Music Mama

This blog is about more than a singer and his band.

I just watched CMT Awards– you know what so many artists said as they held up their cherished trophy? “Thank you Mom!”

I want to connect with other moms who are encouraging their performing children(or adults). I’d like to post your stories.

We’re the soccer mom’s of country music. I’ve found many Country Music Mamas who are helping dreams come true. I’m going to bring their stories and insights to you, along with my own experiences. They are encouragers and supporters. They act as managers and merchandise handlers, childcare providers, and fans, while living out their own gifts and callings. This is a unique view of the journey in Country Music.

It’s Happening!

This part is about the latest exciting news about the band and Eli’s music. Where have they been performing? What exciting thing has happened? Road Trips coming and going? New music releases? Fan news? What’s Country Music Mama been doing? You’ll find things here not found on Eli’s website or facebook page.

My son, Eli Mosley, a Country Music artist and song writer,  has been pursuing his love of music from school choirs, a Music/Business degree from Southeastern University, to performing full-time as the head of his very talented band. Eli has committed his life to building a solid career as a Country Music artist for the last 4 years. He’s put together a talented band of artist/musicians who are making their mark as their music is becoming known.

Encouragement Corner

This segment will have quick quotes to build you up or helpful insights to guide you if you have a creative person in your life.

Bonita’s Bio

Bonita Mosley is a modern folk artist, writer, illustrator and teacher. Her message is hope and encouragement. She writes about the lessons she’s learned as a teacher and mother raising three creative sons. Her calling is to help young artists discover their unique creativity and assist parents and mentors guiding them. Her Bible based creativity workshops encourage women to strengthen each other by sharing their lifetime skills and wisdom.  She has traveled worldwide studying folk art, fine art, and serving on mission trips. Bonita applies her discoveries and Christian faith to her art, writing, and teaching.

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