3 Ways to Encourage a Young Musician

Welcome! to a place that talks about the real life of Country Music artists! Today I want to talk about encouraging young musicians who can become our future stars.


 3 ways to encourage the dream

  • acknowledge the value of a dream
  • enable as many opportunities as you can for your young person to be exposed to the world of their dream
  • Leave room for growth and change

First, a short Eli story. Eli fell in love with Country Music before he entered kindergarten. He was also into trucks, construction, bull-riding at rodeos and shopping for boots at the  B&B Western clothing store. Everything stayed with him into adulthood- except bull-riding. Music took the center stage!

Eli at 2 yrs. old on his bull dozer.

  1. Acknowledge the dream Kids are interested in so many areas at once. It’s part of learning about the world. But certain interests pop up and  bring a sparkle to their eyes. That sparkle is very important. It’s a clue to a heart’s desire. Your child hungers to learn more.
  • Encourage!  Enjoy your child talking about his/her interest. Let him bring it up and share his thoughts freely. At this point they don’t need to know if it’s practical, has benefits, a good retirement plan, or how big the student loan will be. Let the dream be fun!
  •  Dreams have value. The ability to envision something great comes from simple encouragements. It’s where all the good things we enjoy start.
  • Treat it sincerely but lightly. Life is lots of things! Lots of interests will come and go- but the heart ones will stay.  Eli didn’t become a bull rider- but he loves songs about them and the country life. He saw the tough challenge bull riders face and chose to become a Marine and challenge himself to face challenges too.

(Eli-age 5 at rodeo seeing a dream)

Enable opportunities to explore the dream-

  • Go to places where your child can see the dream he has in action. We took Eli to Country Music concerts to see his favorite stars, when we could and in appropriate venues. We’re blessed to have some fairs and an amphitheater near by that are family friendly concert venues.
  • Get age appropriate classes for him. There are classes for nearly every interest!
  • Get him a quality instrument. It has to be good enough to play well at his level- Eli has constantly traded up guitars as he’s mastered his skills. But he’s never giving away that first guitar from his grandparents!


Leave room for change!

  • Some kids like to load up activities and interests, like the carnival plate spinners. They want to try everything all at once! It’s ok! Activities that don’t give them heart satisfaction will drop off. Interests will come and go – don’t despair that the dream will get lost.
  • Some kids do things in cycles- he pours his heart and mind into an interest. Then just when you think that he’s absolutely dedicated -he jumps into something else! He’s just adding a new aspect to his dream.
  • Exposure to the Arts is always a good thing. A song writer who travels has much more to write about. – a singer who plays sports learns lessons in winning and losing. ( I won’t mention the songs about Mama in jail, the dog dying, the truck wrecked by a wild woman, etc..)
  • Once in a while a person takes the slow and steady way of falling in love with a dream; gaining knowledge and skills along the way and creating their dream. If you have one of these dreamers, gently be there to help with the ups and downs that come with the journey.

Dr. James Dobson ( Focus on the Family) once had a program on what happened to the things we wanted to do when we were children. He noted that most people who have a chance to make a second career choice will go to the thing they loved the most when they were kids. Interesting, isn’t it?

What do you think? Please let me know how you encourage your your child’s dream. Or, how you were encouraged to follow yours?








On The Road Again!

Racking Up the Miles for Country Music!

“This is the life!,” Eli Mosley says. He loves being on the road. Last weekend Eli and a couple band crew  members rolled into Rabun Gap, Georgia to sing at one of his favorite venues- 12 Spies Vineyard. 

Fans came from near and far to see and visit with Eli. Several fans drove more than 150 miles to attend this intimate concert at the winery. One couple came to stock up on Eli’s merchandise to complete their collection of Eli stuff! Thank you 12 Spies Vineyard Staff and fans for making this trip so much fun!

It’s a beautiful winery in  a valley with gorgeous views. If you’re ever in the area please stop in here to spend a delightful time. Incredible wine! Don’t forget to see the pipe organ wash basin in the men’s room!

Exciting News!!  It’s about Lipstick!

Eli  released his new single “Shades”!  Radio Directors all over the South called with congratulations on this exciting song that you girls will really love. It’s on rotation on stations all over! “You really knocked it out of the park!” one station manager told Eli when he reviewed “Shades”. You can find “Shades” on Spotify, Pandora, I Tunes, ReverbNation- all over the internet and on Facebook.com/elimosleymusic.


Country Music Mama’s Input

Eli’s Cd cover for “Shades” was my fourth music Cd cover art project. I also illustrate Cd covers for my brother, Mark Murdock, a progressive jazz artist in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to music art, I’ve recently completed illustrating my second children’s book for author, Carol Viner. 

Encouragement Corner

Creativity is about learning the skills of your craft. You have to put the miles on the tires, like Eli is doing now. Time has to be spent doing the grunt work, learning the scales, cords, music theory- composition, photo fundamentals, voice control.

I’m an artist. I heard a story that tells this lesson well.

When you see a Masterpiece of artwork from the Middle Ages, the incredible Vermeer’s, or Da Vinci’s- the beauty and skill that impresses us was actually the last thing painted. There were a “stable”of students working on the painting. The lesser skilled students roughed in the initial painting,over the Masters drawing, on the canvas. Then each layer was applied by a more skilled apprentice. Finally, the Master brought his special touches and finished the piece. It took decades of learning to become the Master!

“Whatever you can conceive, and believe, you can achieve”, Napoleon Hill. It’s not magic, its persistent effort and learning.

Encourage your children to keep at it, make it fun, enjoy the process and don’t worry about being great. The results will come in the right time. Fame before the foundation of hard work and purpose is seldom successful. It makes bright comets. Burn outs. No, you want stars, bright lights inspiring others.

Blessings, Bonita

Country Music Mama