How to Have a Sweet n’ Sizzling Success at a Barbecue Festival

 Eli Mosley & Band at Smoke On The Water Barbecue Festival

Ft. Myers,Florida

What’s Happening?

I hope you were there with us! Sunny Ft. Myers,Florida at it’s best- and so were Eli Mosley and band! The Smoke On The Water Barbecue Festival, on the marina, had a large and enthusiastic crowd in attendance. Eli and band brought a smoking hot performance! I love to see those smiles  and swaggers when they know they’ve hit a home run!

How do you prepare for an outdoor barbecue festival?

  •  Hours of practice for the musicians
  • merchandise prepared for the sale table; the tent and tables packed, t-shirts, and CD’s, change for sales
  • equipment packed into the trailer so it can be easily be taken out in order of use on stage
  • Musicians pack in their personal guitars, drums, fiddle-
  • banners or the stage and near the tent
  • Fans for each musician on stage
  • lawn chairs
  • performers change of clothes .
  • Make sure you have everybody in the van before leaving!
  •  This show was two and a half hours from home.

How does Country Music Mama pack for the show?

As the band “Mom”, I always carry a bag full of things we might need-

  • bandaids for those guitar fingers
  •  duct tape,- for anything that need held together
  • Tylenol or aspirin for heat headaches especially
  • protein bars or quick snacks for blood pressure drops
  • if we’re in a location where it sn’t possible to get meals, I pack subway sandwiches, chips and drinks for each band member
  •  a roll of tp. for the portable toilets- an essential!
  •  Kleenex and wet wipes
  •  umbrellas, and plastic bags for rain
  • A big cooler of ice for water bottles and Gatorade to go near the stage
  • a small battery operated fan for the merchandise tent during really hot days
  • Then I need to bring along lawn chairs, hand fans and my hat, of course! I try to have whatever might be needed.

I keep all this stuff under the merchandise table or in my trunk – I don’t drag it all around with me- I’d need a wheel barrow!


How to encourage a winning attitude before you even get to the show

When my sons were young, we used to read them inspiring poems and stories – here’s the first stanza of one you might enjoy-

It Couldn’t Be Done

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,

But he with a chuckle replied

That “maybe it couldn’t” but he would be one

Who wouldn’t say so till he tried.

So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin

on his face. If he worried he hid it.

He started to sing as he tackled the thing

That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

by Edgar A. Guest


If you’re a Country Music Mama I hope this helps you to get your guys and gals up on that stage singing their hearts out, knowing you’ve got them taken care.

Any thoughts that we can add to our list of helpful things to bring?


You can find more information about Eli Mosley’s band on his facebook page



Have a day full of success! Country Music Mama- Bonita