4 Ways to Make a Difference with Your Music



A voice and a stage are an artist’s tools to help others.

  • Sing in benefits whenever you have a chance
  • ask other artists to join you for benefit shows
  • encourage musical gifts in young children
  • be the one one who gives that “first guitar”


This weekend Eli sang for a festival in a small town of Mulberry, Florida, to help a young man raise funds for his medical care.

Eli Mosley is quick to say “yes!” to sing for local and National causes. He is especially drawn to children’s health causes and military veterans.

Eli has performed for

  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital Fundraisers
  • Kidspack Meal events
  • SPCA Animal Shelter
  • Polk County Fire Benefit
  • Toys fot Tots
  • “BubbaFest” fundraiser for a young man with MS.
  • A Christian ranch for horse therapy for Autistic teenagers event

Country Music Mama’s Heart

Eli has had a guitar in his hands since about 6 yrs. old. He suffered from epilepsy until a brain surgery at age 8.  He was always grateful for the care given to him. Eli has a heart for kids who are suffering medical problems. You’ll see him go out of his way to make people in wheelchairs and  with mental problems feel special at his shows. He’s “playing it back”.