Barbecue Sundaes and Eli Mosley Music!

I had no idea how many Barbeque Festivals there are in the South! These guys are serious contenders for some of the biggest trophies I’ve ever seen. And they love Country Music and Eli Mosley and band!

This festival was in Grant, Fl. ¬†Eli’s band left early for the 3 hr. drive to the venue. Their stage time was from 10am-2pm. Grant Barbeque Festival has a nice stage facing the caravan of Barbeque and beer trucks. Crowds started really pouring in about 11am. For lunch, music, and craft show.

I have several jobs at festival shows. One is to sit in the middle of the crowd and applaud. Yes! I would anyway because I love Eli’ band’s performances, but it’ s surprising how many crowds hang back until someone applauds- then they enthusiastically take over. Group dynamics!

I also get to talk with fans! They come from all over. Once they’ve experienced one of Eli’s shows they follow his website and come to any performance they can. Two ladies came especially to get new pictures with the band. They’re keeping a photo journal as Eli climbs the entertainment ladder to success. I’ve met so many fun fans!

Would you like to know how to a Barbeque Sundae?

  • Use a soup bowl- cover the bottom with Barbeque pulled pork
  • next add a layer of baked beans
  • then add a layer or sweet coleslaw
  • over the top add drizzled Barbeque sauce